Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

I have grown immensely over second semester. I feel that I have become a stronger leader, and I have mastered presentation skills. I think that I am closer to more people in the DLC now, (especially Block I), and I can express myself without hesitation. I think I have many friends and have hopefully become more approachable to strangers and classmates. I have a much greater respect for technology (despite the times when it looses data:(). I consider myself as a hard worker, and I feel that I am more open to feedback now, than I was first quarter.

I feel that I have ALWAYS produced average and above products this year, and I am extremely proud of that. I have also received compliments on multiple projects, especially the Lorax DNP. That particular project was a great time for me because I put in a ton of effort, and I didn't have to rely on group members to do their work. I had a bit of a drama during this project, and I still pulled it off, which pleases me greatly. I also love being thought of like Ms. Bailin because she is an AMAZING person, and I look up to her.

I think that the Stephen Crane project was challenging for me. I HATE group projects, and this one threw me over the edge a little. I am a pretty straight forward person, and once I get pushed just enough, I lose it. It is very difficult for me to deal with people who don't pull through on projects, and this situation was especially frustrating.

One of my favorite moments in DlC7 was when I was put as an evaluator for the Lincoln Douglas Debate. I felt honored because "the best" students in class were the only ones who got that opportunity. It was an accomplished feeling because I felt recognition for all of the hard work I had put into all of my projects. This was also my favorite moment because I the evaluators and Miss Bailin talked about interesting things, and I learned a lot. I felt that I had an enormous amount of power choosing debate groups and what not. That's why it was my favorite moment.

I hope for many things 2nd semester. For one, I hope that I can improve on incorporating group members' work into group projects in the future. I feel that I am so used to having people disappoint me, that's it's been harder for me to open up and give them a clean slate. I also want to lower my anxiety and worry levels, because I can sometimes make a huge deal out of nothing. I really want to learn as much as I can learn from Miss Bailin, and I wish to be more attentive and self-motivated. I have great time-management skills, but I could improve on my planning. I have a tight schedule, but despite that I want to be able to communicate with friends and teachers, to stay on track with everything. I also hope that I won't overreact about things and that I won't freak out at people or get mad at them if they do something wrong.

Over all, I think that there are many things that have happened over 1st semester that have impacted me a lot. I can't wait to see how I have changed from now, to 2nd semester.

Until then!
~Elizabeth Kresock~

P.S. - Thanks to those of you who have commented!


  1. Elizabeth,
    From one perfectionist to another- I feel ya! It is extremely hard for me to cope with people who do not get their work done, to the point of me doing their portion. Have you ever done somebody else's portion of your project just for the sake of getting a good grade?

    I agree that you have become quite the leader in the DLC. Many people look up to you for guidance, in both academics and technology. I know this for a fact because of how you are always the "leader" in the groups that you are in. Isn't this why it bothers you when people don't do their portion and they slack off?

    I also agree that being an evaluator was LOADS of fun. I felt so important, as did you. I am glad that we both thought of it to be a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills. Do you hope/think we will get the opportunity to do something like that again?

    Have you learned basically all of your tech skills this year, or did you already know them when you came to the DLC? Your Welcome Vid is extremely well-themed and well-timed. All of the narrations I have heard on your DNP's are flawless, and the audience can really get what you are saying with ease. Does technology come naturally to you?

    :) Kiana Clarke (:

  2. @Elizabeth
    I totally agree you have improved in those areas no doubt. But I think that you were always a good leader and a awesome preseter. I remember before I had ever had a conversation with you and you came in and showed us your TWIF presentation. And in my head I was like "Wow she's an amazing presenter, I want her in my group." Why especially Block I? I also think that you have always produced above average work. Do you not working in a group? I think we all look up to Miss Bailin! I also loved being an evaluator I had a blast. It's also hard for me to give people a clean slate. I also would like to learn more from Miss Bailin. I didn't know you overreacted about things. What things do you especially overreact on?

  3. @Kiana

    I have done somebody's portion of the work on a project to get a good grade before. I have been able to make it apparent that I am displeased with people who don't do their work. I find that If I tell Miss Bailin first, she knows and can monitor the other persons behavior to the point where Their part of the assignment isn't included in the group product.

    It's not usually when I'm the leader that slackers piss me off more easily, it's just when I'm the leader I can immediately tell someone in greater authority. Whereas being a group member, I don't always have the option to immediately tell someone who can fix it.

    I do hope I get the opportunity to be an evaluator (or someone like that) again. I have a feeling that some of the other evaluators would be different, and that would be fun to see who changed "ranks" in the class.

    I don't know if it's technology that comes naturally to me, or if it's more of my inner drive to progress and expand in my thinking. I think that I always have had a passion for learning, and I think that helps and shows in my projects.


  4. @Luke

    Well especially Block I because I have gotten closer to more people such as Blair and you and many more people. :)

    I don't always like working in a group because I can't tolerate slackers, and I don't have good patience. However, if I'm in a group with reliable people I love working with them, but if not, I prefer individual projects. :)

    I overreact about things that I have done, and could be guilty for. For example, I thought I had lost the school laptop and I called Miss Bailin and she calmed me down, and we sorted things out. It turned out that I never even took the laptop outside of the DLC. It was there the whole time! That situation was a lot of fuss for nothing. But I appreciated Miss Bailin calming me down. :)


  5. @Elizabeth
    You are a great presenter, and have earned the title of one of 'the best' in the class. I think that your projects have been ABOVE average, almost every single time. No matter what drama affects you, you always manage to pull it together and make a star project. You said that you think you 'overreact' sometimes. I think that you don't overreact, you just have to let some stress go before you can figure out the best way to fix it. That's OK. Everyone has to let out their emotions sometime.
    Also, I think that you will be able to trust people better this semester, since you have many friends, and are able to trust them. You are amazing at managing your schedule, especially with all the sports you do like gymnastics and track. Do you think playing sports helps you release stress too? I think that whatever comes this semester, you can and will do the best job possible, and everyone should admire you for that.

  6. @Elizabeth-
    Great reflection. Loved how candid your feelings were throughout your post.

    My highlights-

    1. I think that it is great that you improved on not only on presenting and academic skills, but also things like becoming more approachable. I feel you on that because that has always been a very weak point of mine.

    You should be proud. Finishing a DLC semester is hard, and you should be proud of your Lorax DNP. I believe it was shown to us in Block II.

    Giving forgiveness is as hard as it is gratifying. I have always found it very hard to forgive people who have delayed and held up projects too.

    Final thoguhts- As I said earlier, very candid thoughts. I hope the beginning of Sem. 2 has brought you improvements and more self-reflection.